The Juul E-Cig: Why This Small E Cig Became The Best E Cig To Buy In 2017







      Vapor Quality




          Bang For Your Buck



            • Unmatched stealth and size
            • Doesn't require buttons or switches
            • Thick and consistent vapor
            • Sophisticated temperature control
            • Sleek/sexy design


            • Occasional pod leakage
            • Can be easy to misplace


            best e cig starter kitWhat the Heck is a JUUL Anyways?

            best e cig to buy

            The Juul e cig by PAX Labs. is easily one of the most simple use e cigarettes currently on the market. Not so surprisingly, it's also one of the best rated e cigs out there too, making it the best e cig to buy this year. These things are very nifty vaporizers aimed towards those who want something that resembles a cigarette in terms of size and weight. It is also be used by those who are looking for a stealth vape, or even just those looking for a fun social hobby.

            Given that the Juul has such a small/sleek design(being about the same size as a flash drive)it's truly hard to imagine just how a device as small as the JUUL could deliver such a powerful punch of vapor when used.

            With these things showing up everywhere I went, I just had to get my hands on the JUUL e cig to see what all the fuss was about, and after my first session, I was enlightened to say the least.

            Features(as described by PAX Labs):

            • Power: Sophisticated temperature control enables a powerful vapor experience.
            • Flavor: Natural Nicotine Salts formula creates uniquely satisfying flavor profiles.
            • Ease: Intuitive design doesn't require buttons or switches.
            • Vapor: Liquid-to-wick system ensures thick, consistent vapor.


            JUUL Pods: The Magic Behind It All

            Juul Creme Brulee Pods

            The Juul pods are the tiny pods that connect into the top of the JUUL device. Varying in flavors, these little things pack a serious nicotine punch, a 5% Nicotine by weight punch for those wondering how much nicotine is in a Juul.

            They hit extremely hard because they have the high salt based nicotine level. This is purposed to mimic the throat hit you would experience while smoking. In the replication department, I have found that the JUUL does a simply fantastic job when it comes to getting that same sensation that you would be getting from a cigarette.

            Juul e cigarette

            Juul Pod Vs. Combustion Cigarette


            To see all available Juul Pod flavors check out my Juul Flavors Review 

            juul pod flavors



            How Long Does a Pod Last?

            A single juul pod contains around 0.7ml of e-juice, which according to Pax Labs, is the equivalent to one pack of smokes, or around 200 puffs.

            Despite only having around 0.7ml of juice I found that these tiny pods last a pretty long time. Now, obviously that time will vary depending on how much you plan on using them.

            • For the social user: meaning you'll find most of your use at clubs, parties, or other social events. you can make a pod last a pretty long maybe even 2 weeks of you're just uber conservative about it
            • For the casual user: you should expect a few days to several days
            • For the frequent user: a pod should last a day(assuming you would smoke a pack of cigarettes a day.


            Also Serves as The Perfect Way to Quit Smoking


            Top of the Line Portability and Stealth

            small electronic vaporizer


            Coming in at just below 9cm long and 1.5cm wide the JUUL electronic cigarette is pretty much the same size and weight as your standard USB drive. This is pretty much as good as it gets when it comes to conveniency.

            • Carry it around with you virtually anywhere
            • Fit it in your pocket...with ease
            • The perfect utility for those looking to relieve those "stealth vape" urges
            • Teacher or Boss catches you? Don't worry, it's just your "USB drive". They'll suspect nothing.


            Just How Easy Is It to Use?

            1.Insert Your JUUL POD

            Remove the colored cap from the pod and insert the cartridge end into device. This pod piece is now your mouthpiece, and your source of tasty vapors.

            2.Check the Indicator Light

            Juul e vape

            The indicator glows during use to reflect inhale strength and also lights up when charging. When a pod is inserted, gently tap device twice to show battery level.

            • green = full
            • yellow = medium
            • red = low

            3.Let It Rip

            Just as if it were a real cigarette, to use, simply put your lips around the JUUL with a slight pressure and inhale. Easy as that.

            There are no buttons or anything needed. To use, just inhale to get it going but carefully at first as it may seem strong to beginners(and it was for me too). Trust me, you will feel the nicotine hit right away.

            4.Charge It 

            Place the device on the magnetic USB stand and plug it in. The JUUL should be fully charged in around 1 hour.


            What Comes In the Starter Kit?

            best e cig to buy

            Everything that comes in the starter kit

            In the JUUL starter kit you will find everything you need to start and a little bit more:

            1. rechargeable  JUUL Device
            2. Multi JUUL pod 4-pack includes:
              • Cool mint
              • Fruit Medley
              • Creme Brulee
              • Virginia Tobacco
            3. Easy USB charger
            4. 1-Year JUUL device warranty


            The Verdict


            The Juul by PAX Labs is without a doubt in my mind has proved to be the best e cig to buy on the market as of 2017. I mean hell, it even won Vaping360's award for best beginner vape(which is pretty big as they are the top dog when it comes to ratings). Now I wouldn't go as far to say it's the Apple Inc. of vapes or e cigs but I will say that it is a strong pioneer(if not the strongest) of the discrete e-cigarette genre.


            juul vape

            JUUL Starter Kit: $49.99

            JUUL Pod 4-Pack: $15.99


            The pricing for this device is more than reasonable for what you get. In fact it's so great that you'll feel like a thief because after paying such a small price for this, you'll feel like you got a steal. I've seen some products go into the $100 range and with only spending around $50 for the whole setup, this was a risk free purchase for me.

            Targeted Audience

            The Juul e cig is definitely not limited to just beginners by any means, in fact it's probably one of the best e cigs for beginners. Sure, it is great for a beginner to start of with a hassle-free vape to learn "how to vape", but this is a product that even the most experienced vapers will get a good kick out of guaranteed. I found that just having this thing as a secondary vape device will serve you well.


            New electronic cigarette

            This tiny e cig serves as the perfect solution for those sneaky on-the-go vapes or for vaping at work. Extremely portable and versatile.


            Buy JUUL

            The design is tiny, small, compact, and is sleek as it gets really. The device feels of quality in the hand and has that nice new modern look. The JUUL Pod system that is used is absolutely perfect for anyone who doesn't want to mess with refilling tanks, replacing parts, and is very hassle free.

            Juice Potency

            e vape flavors

            The hits pack a mean punch that will greatly satisfy beginners as well as experienced vapers or ex smokers, and for the size, it doesn't get much better than this.


            Product Reputation


            The JUUL by PAX Labs hit the market sometime in 2016 and has proven its spot as one of the best e cigs to buy. Ever since it was released, many(and I say MANY) similar products have been made to replicate the simplicity and portability it offers(An analogy of this would be the arrival of the GoPro action camera and the many "dinky" cameras that followed in its wake). Still, even to this day, there is no competing product that has been able to match the Juul's quality and expertise so until the day that happens(which it won't for awhile if ever) we will continue to use the Juul.

            Bonus: The Collectability of Flavor Pods

            The pods have their purposed function but I've noticed that they almost feel like they have a strong collectible sense to them because of the scarcity of some limited edition flavors. It's almost like you must have at least one of each flavor to feel like you have the whole experience! My prediction is that as PAX Labs keeps releasing new flavor pods into the scene, the popularity and collectability of the JUUL and its pods will increase.

            Final Thoughts: The Best E Cig To Buy This Year So Far

            Overall, the Juul e cig is personally one of my favorite vape products and for good reason. With the quality and sleekness of the product that you are getting at such a great price, many people will consider this a risk free purchase and will also find satisfaction with it! Trust me, just try out this little vape and see what the best rated e cig of 2017 can do for you!

            JUUL Starter Kit

            juul vapePricing: $49.99

            JUUL Pod 4-Pack

            juul pod flavors

            Pricing: $15.99

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